Final Project

For my video project, I followed Kendall Ohmes through her daily work out routine in the Student Recreation Center at UNC. I decided to do this project on her since I had always known she was immersed in the fitness world and has incredible discipline when it comes to working out and eating right. The first days of living with Kendall I noticed her food scale, which she uses to portion her meals throughout the day. Hearing her describe her passion for not only weightlifting but overall personal wellness was inspiring for me, and it ended up being for her as well. It seemed as though me doing this project on her helped her find a rhythm with working out in college and helped intensify her passion once again. I found myself more motivated to eat better and start running again after the weeks I spent filming, editing, and finalizing this project. Overall, having the opportunity to get a glimpse of Ohmes’s passion for lifting was greatly inspiring and I think it could be a source of inspiration for many other people who watch it as well. As many find it difficult to stay active in college, Ohmes’s video and journey is sure to inspire students to put their best foot forward with their fitness.

Additional Photos and Videos

Ohmes has recently restarted her fitness instagram profile (linked here). On this account she posts progress photos, food ideas, specifically for college students living in dorms, and some of her workout videos. The account has grown since its initial restart and will likely continue to gain traction from its inspiring and engaging contents. Check it out for a look into Ohmes’s daily life and fitness routines.