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Profile Article on Collin Flynn

Linked above, an article on one of the three founders of a vintage clothing resale business, better known as Frat Court Flea, is provided. The basis involves three men, immersed in the world of fashion, seeking to share their love for vintage clothing and grow their business. Frat Court Flea came to UNC’s own Big Frat Court on November 5, 2021. They plan to return sometime this year with more rare finds.

Z Magazine-Full Issue

Linked below, a full Z Magazine layout created by me can be accessed. The issue includes some examples of my articles as well. This was our first fully published issue, which was published in May of 2020.

Z Magazine, Issue 1

Sports Article- Cross Country

The linked article was written for The Point, my high school newspaper. It was a front page article regarding the girl’s cross country team’s second California Interscholastic Federation win in a row.

PVHS girl’s cross country team, 2019

In addition to the three featured works here, I also wanted to provide access to Z Magazine’s two other issues. Below, both Issue 2 and 3 of Z Magazine can be seen. The magazine is still in operation and Issue 4 will be released in the near future. This website link will lead you to not only the remaining issues, but also the entire Z Magazine website.